Open to the Contending with Good reputation for Student Challenge

Open to the Contending with Good reputation for Student Challenge

Facing Record and Ourselves teaches us to take into account the world in a new technique, stimulating about how we can build a society clear of racism, antisemitism, intimidation, and hatred of all kinds, a talk.

This competition attracts individuals to think about the designs, figures, and options from Lee’s story that is National that is basic, To Destroy a Mockingbird. in order to make associations to their own experiences.

Student Scholarships Gifts

Seniors qualify for that $ 2. the Planethood Base was made possible from by Upstander Scholarship. Five Upstander Prizes that are $500 will also be given to pupils in 7th-12th-grade.

New Award Included! One scholar will soon be chosen to receive the Harper Lee Memorial Prize & Grant $ 1,000. Students voice that illustrates excellent thematic significance in her recognition will be recognized by this prize.

Eligibility: Students has to be people of America to engage and at the very least 13 years or older. Browse the tournament FAQs for more information.

Mentor Classroom Awards Resources

Check out Facing History s Teaching Mockingbird selection. Our methods for coaching To Eliminate a Mockingbird connect essential designs of morality and justice to contemporary issues.

Obtain the entire contest timeline and rules. Find out about how documents is going to be judged, and just how the general public will undoubtedly be welcomed to help choose the success.

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Into Destroy a Mockingbird. Scout Finch, a white woman growing up inside the 1930s in Alabama, is forced to question her community’s spoken and silent policies when her father wants to guard a dark guy falsely accused of the crime. She and her brother, Jem, find it difficult to define their identities in romance for the values of these tiny, city that is segregated.